Thursday, May 19, 2016

#WhyGustavus Series: Fair Trade College

Did you know back in December 2015, Gustavus Adolphus College became the first college or university in Minnesota to be designated a Fair Trade College/University by Fair Trade Campaigns, an organization consisting of fair trade groups from across the globe. Gustavus is the 30th college/university in the United States to earn the designation.

After two years of work by a collaborative team of students, faculty, and staff, the College has met the requirements for the certification, which is shared by other notable institutions including Pomona College, Creighton University, and Villanova University.

“The fair trade designation shows that our values are in line with being a part of the global community. It’s about being conscious of the impact that we all have,” Gustavus senior and president of Fair Trade Gustavus Abigail Nistler said.

Margo Druschel, director of the academic support center, has been involved with the fair trade movement since 2009. After attending a national Fair Trade Campaigns meeting in New Jersey a few years ago, Druschel brought the idea back to Gustavus. “It became really clear to me that many other faith-based colleges and universities were choosing to have fair trade groups on campus,” she said. “Fair trade aligns very much with our core values of justice and community.”

Beck Hall is certified LEED Platinum by the U.S. Green Building Council
As a Fair Trade College, Gustavus will strive to use responsibly sourced products and make them available in its dining facilities, book store, and to offices and departments across campus. The College will also support students, faculty, and staff as they work to create educational programs and increase awareness of fair trade.

“We’ve been exclusively purchasing fair trade coffee, tea, and bananas along with some chocolate and textiles,” Director of Dining Service and the Book Mark Steve Kjellgren said. “As a Fair Trade College, there will be a higher vigilance for our campus purchasing, which is an incredibly helpful tool for those of us in the business of purchasing and providing for Gustavus. Our community will be more informed of possible fair trade options than a single department manager, director, or purchasing supervisor could.”

Chaplain Brian Konkol, who advised the Fair Trade Gustavus student group, explained why the designation is important for the College. “Every college is a community of consumers, which means as a church-related college we are particularly challenged to consume not merely in response to our desires, but as an expression of our values,” he said. “I’m delighted that Gustavus is putting its values into action for the sake of the world in this generation and beyond.”

The Fair Trade College designation is one of many initiatives on campus that support sustainability, including Beck Hall’s LEED Platinum certification, Big Hill Farm, the composting facility, and solar panel installations on six campus buildings. Visit the Gustavus sustainability website to learn more about these programs and facilities.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

#1: Chase Miller vs. St. Thomas (MIAC Playoff Championship Game)

Let's set the scene. It was Saturday, November 8th, perfect blue skies, upper 40's, calm breeze and, despite being on the road at St. Thomas, in a stadium packed with our amazing Gustie Fans.

Beautiful day for a pre-game walk
Pre-Game Cheer
Our incredible Gustie Fans packing the stadium

Now that the scene is set, let's talk about the real important stuff: We were twelve minutes into the second half, score still tied 0-0, when we earned our third corner kick of the game. First Year Chase Miller jogged over to take the corner; Emily Odermatt, Emily Skogseth, Jana Elliott, Brittany Chase along with others set up in the box as targets. But, they proved just to be decoys as Chase decisively curled her own corner kick directly into the back of net far post to put Gustavus up 1-0.


The goal held to be the game-winner over the final 33 minutes, clinching the program's first ever MIAC Playoff Championship and their seventh overall bid to the NCAA Tournament, first since 1998.

Thanks for tuning in to our Top Five Goal countdown for the 2015 season. There were so many great ones to choose from which made the voting extremely tight. Congrats to all who scored goals this year and here's to many more to come in the future!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

#2: Hannah Sturtz vs. St. Ben's

It was October 14th, we were 5-1 in the MIAC and heading to St. Ben's, a consistently top team in not only the conference but the region.  We knew the game was going to be a battle and we were not let down.  After possessing the ball well for most of the game, but being unable to break the zero-zero deadlock, it looked as if overtime was inevitable.  In the 84th minute, the St. Ben's goalkeeper sent a punt down the field.  First Year Trina Rinke won the header, with classmate Emily Skogseth picking up the second ball and immediately turning and dribbling at speed at their backline.  The St. Ben's defense collapsed around her, but somehow even off-balanced, she was able to get a pass off to Sophomore Hannah Sturtz just inside the box centrally.  With a defender coming from her left, Hannah used her first touch to set up her shot, which she blasted into the far post side-netting.  As the ball struck the net, the team went crazy.

  If you watch the video below you will understand why this goal was voted #2 for our 2015 season.


Our top goal of the season will be released this FRIDAY, May 13th.  Get excited!

Monday, May 9, 2016

#3: Emily Odermatt's goal vs. Carleton

If you have ever had the opportunity to see our team play the last two seasons then you know that Sophomore Emily Odermatt is a beast in the air. She dominates the aerial game as a center back both defensively and offensively. It's an absolute joy to watch her elevate and destroy the ball with her head.

Knowing this, it's no surprise that our #3 goal for the 2015 season goes to Emily Odermatt's header off a corner vs. Carleton. After going up 1-0 early, Carleton fought back to tie it a ones. Later in the first half, we earned a corner and Junior Coursey Edwards played a ball into the box, where Emily, rising above everyone else, made great contact and smashed it home with her head to give us the early 2-1 lead. Talk about a goal that will get you fired up!


We can't wait for you to check back tomorrow for our #2 goal of the season. The anticipation is building!

Friday, May 6, 2016

#4: Maddison Ackiss's OT goal vs. St. Mary's

The countdown continues as we wrap up this week with the #4 goal from the season.

This goal starts on the right flank, where Sophomore Sophie Leininger drives at the defender before pulling a highway to get past and cross the ball on the ground into the box. The pass finds its way to Junior Maddison Ackiss inside the box, who scraps around with three defenders before forcing the ball loose. All Maddi needs is ten inches as she crushes the ball into the back of the net. This overtime goal provided us a solid win on the road and moved us to 4-0 in conference! Take a couple looks below:


We will be back next week, starting Monday, May 9th for the top three goals in our 2015 season. Thanks for following!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

#5 - Coursey Edwards's Goal vs. St. Kate's

After two wonderful Honorable Mention goals, we now find ourselves in the true countdown of our Top 5 Goals of the 2015 season.  After being voted on by our team, we have this goal vs. St. Kate's in our #5 slot.

A magical moment occurred right before Junior Coursey Edwards beat her defender and got off a long range shot before the covering defender had a chance to step.  The result was this beautiful curling goal putting us within one in a tight contest with our conference opponents.  It was a fantastic individual effort to inspire the team.  Watch it below!


Tune back again tomorrow for our #4 choice as the countdtown continues! Also, follow us on Twitter: @GustavusSoccer and like us on our Facebook page: Gustavus Women's Soccer

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Honorable Mention: Maddison Ackiss (first goal) vs. Macalester

It was the epitome of a team goal.  It exemplified our possession style of soccer. The definition of our Gustie Tempo.  It was one of the coaches favorite goals of the entire 2015 season and it came in the first half of our first conference game.

Not seen in the clip, first year center back Trina Rinke sticks a tackle near midfield and finds the feet of Sophomore playmaker Sophie Leininger.  Sophie opens up and plays the ball to the feet of one of our forwards, Junior Maddison Ackiss, who plays a fantastic one time through ball to her fellow forward Senior Brittany Chase.  Britt breaks through a slide tackle from a Macalester center back, forcing their goalkeeper to come off her line.  As the goalkeeper is charging forward, Britt calmly plays the ball central for an easy open net finish for Maddi, who had continued her run into the box.

Now if you think the description sounds exciting, just watch the video below.  Feel free to watch it a second or third time.


Now you can see why this was one of the coaches favorite goals of the season :) Don't forget to check back tomorrow for our #5 goal of the season.