Friday, March 28, 2014

Let's Talk R.O.E.: No, Not Fish Eggs

Leading a Revolution - Return on Education

Down to the numbers, to the nitty gritty, to the nuts and bolts of it all... What will I get in return for four years at Gustavus?  Gustavus not only interested in helping you determine your ROI, but further revolutionize it and help you determine your R.O.E.!  Here's some insight from the institution itself:

What is COLLEGE R.O.E. (Return On Education)?

College R.O.E. is a multi-year intercollegiate, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational initiative being led by Gustavus to do what’s never been done before: quantify the holistic return on a college investment.

Why are we leading COLLEGE R.O.E.?

To help you make the best decision on where to invest your hard-earned college education dollars.

How are we leading COLLEGE R.O.E.?

We think an effort this bold will take the requisite amount of time and collaboration to deliver a truly effective measurement tool, with the work organized over three phases

Phase One

Phase one will define a set of investment dimensions and develop algorithms to
measure return on those dimensions.

Phase Two

Phase two will beta test the dimensions and algorithms with a co-hort of college alumni,
including but not limited to Gustavus.

Phase Three

Phase three will fine tune the model and establish a new standard for measuring the
return on your college investment, at Gustavus or anywhere else.

Rather than the traditional ROI, which is measured in some charts below, the R.O.E. will give you a new insight into what you are really getting in return for four years at Gustavus.

Retention and Graduation Rate

Gustavus Adolph...Peer InstitutionsAnnapolis GroupMinnesota Private...1/21st to 2nd Year Retent...4 Year Graduation Rate5 Year Graduation Rate6 Year Graduation Rate0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%
* 5 year data not available

Post-Graduation Status


Class of 2013


Class of 2012

Conventional return-on-investment (ROI) measures can be found throughout this site
—and we have many to share, like those listed here in regards to our outstanding 
graduation and retention rates and our post-graduation placement rates. In addition, 
you will be able to see the outstanding companies where our graduates are finding 
employment, the range of salaries our graduates are reporting they are making, 
and the elite caliber of graduate schools they are attending.

Gustavus graduates are well prepared to go out and “Make Their Lives Count” and 
statistics show that they are receiving a strong return on their investment. But, we 
are also aware that the true return on an investment like Gustavus is impossible 
to capture in financial terms alone, and therefore marginalized by rankings and polls 
that measure only those terms.

Gustavus ROE website

Monday, March 3, 2014

High School Girls Summer Camp

Summer Campin'

  Despite the frigid temperatures, summer is right around the corner and we want YOU to attend our Gustavus Women's Soccer H.S. Camp this summer at Gustavus Adolphus College!  If you are looking to play at the next level, especially if Gustavus is on your list of potential schools, we recommend you attend our summer camp, July 6-9th, 2014.  

Why attend a summer soccer camp?
College coaches can watch you play for a game or two with your club or high school team, but there is so much more to playing at the collegiate level than you'll receive from those evaluations.  This deeper evaluation and development is the heart of our camp, which is designed to provide you a great opportunity to showcase your ability over 4 days through position specific drills, small sided games and full-sided scrimmages.  You will also get a feel for the campus, meet several of our current players, and be coached and evaluated by the Gustavus Women's Soccer coaching staff in practices and games. 

Camp Philosophy:
    Our summer camp is designed to provide an environment for players who aspire to take their game to the next level through advanced player development and exposure to NCAA collegiate coaches.  We will prepare high school students for college soccer both on and off the pitch through quality position based coaching, college level sessions, and evening matches based on different formations.  We will also hold daily presentations focused on recruiting, diet and nutrition, optimal performance and injury prevention. 

  Our camp brochure and registration is attached, or you can go to GACsummercamps.comfor online registration (note there is a non-refundable credit card fee if you pay online).  You can read more about our camp director and staff on our website.  

Closing Remarks: 
 What other opportunity will you have to spend four days on the wonderful Gustavus campus, with college players as mentors and the chance to play with future teammates? It's easy: register now to showcase your talent, personality and work ethic in July.  If you have any questions let us know!  Hope to see your registration soon. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gustie Soccer Camps

Youth Summer Camp Time!

We want to inform you of our two Gustie Soccer Camps being held this summer at Gustavus Adolphus College!  We are excited to be hosting a Gustie Soccer Co-Ed Youth Camp, ages 8-16, June 22-25th; followed with our second annual Gustavus Women's Soccer High School Girls Camp July 6-9th.  Each camp offers a different experience, so please take a look at our camp philosophies: 

Our Gustie Soccer Co-Ed Youth Camp is a resource for soccer players, ages 8-16, in the Midwest.  Our goals are to provide quality instruction, create a positive learning environment and to have fun.  We encourage players from various backgrounds and abilities to attend, as the majority of each session will be individual skill training progressing to small-sided games.  

More information about Gustie Soccer Camps can be found at, including online registration (note there is a non-refundable credit card fee if you pay online).  If you have any questions let us know! 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Beating the Winter Blues

Snowiest and Coldest?!  Not a problem...

It may be one of the snowiest and coldest winters on Minnesota record, but there are plenty of ways to beat the winter blues!  Gusties take full advantage of everything the campus has to offer and even the great St. Peter and Mankato area!

Here are some of the top ways to beat the “winter blues” or possibly, embrace them!

  1. Take advantage of Don Roberts Ice Rink!
      Did you know that from the middle of October through March Gustavus has its own rink on campus??  Well we do!  Our Men’s and Women’s hockey teams are not only highly successful and a blast to watch on the weekends, but the on campus rink, located in Lund Center also has free skating time!  During J-term a few seniors even made it their personal goal to learn to skate!

  1. Veteran’s Memorial Park Ice Rinks
      What’s more Minnesotan than skating or playing hockey outside?  Heck, there’s a whole “Hockey Day in Minnesota” and outdoor pond hockey tournaments to boot!  Grab some friends, grab your skates and head to Vet Park to challenge the Men’s Soccer team to a good old game of puck!

  1. Nordic Ski Trails in the Arboretum
      Not only for our Nordic Ski team, but the arboretum lends to great trails for nordic skiing!  It’s a great way to get outside in the snow and outdoors and stay active, with all the snow this winter it’s a great way to take advantage of it!

  1. Mount Kato
      Seeking more of a thrill?  How about some downhill skiing in Mankato!  It’s only about a 30 minute drive and boasts 19 Trails: 4 beginner, 8 intermediate and 7 advanced with 8 chair lifts and a tubing hill!  Plenty of snow and 4 Terrain Parks for when the snow is lacking!  Even tested by the coaching staff and the Gustavus Sports Information Director and Assistant Athletic Director, we promise it’s a good time!

  1. Hit the sauna!
      The snow and cold just too much!  Head to the sauna next to Vic Guftason pool and really warm up!  Just don’t stay too long! 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Keeping Up With Heath

Junior Heather Goff is studying abroad in Malaysia this semester.  Keep up with her on her blog!!

A Malaysian Adventure

Have a great time Heath, we cannot wait to keep up on all your adventures!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

J-Term Abroad: Spanish Sport and Culture

Women's Soccer Athletes Take Advantage of J-Term Trip to Spain

A few ladies from the Women's Soccer team spent their J Term travelling around in Spain and learning about Spanish Sport in Culture.  Juniors Karlye Smith and Val Belanger were among two of the over 40 students on the trip with Head Men's Soccer Coach Mike Middleton and Head Women's Soccer Coach Laura Burnett-Kurie.  We've taken a few excerpts from their daily journal entries to give you a peak inside this amazing opportunity!

1-13-14  MADRID

Today started off with a bang!  Breakfast was amazing! ... It was amazing to learn about all of the fancy buildings and statues around Madrid.  Even though some of the stuff was cover in class, seeing the information in person that connected the building, monuments and statues tied it all together.  Our tour guide did such a wonderful job explaining and pointing out places.  I heard and even said, "the U.S. doesn't have the history like Spain does."  My favorite sit eon the tour was the entrance Carlo II Archway that used to once be the entrance into Spain.  I thought it was interesting to see that angels didn't have any faces, they were covered in helmets, but still had no facial features.  But the main attraction... Bernabeu Stadium!!  Such a sick place!  It was weird to see them "growing" grass.  Strange concept since I'm so used to natural grass.  It was smaller than I expected, but it's still huge for a stadium that hosts soccer.  The trophy room was incredible, there were so many!!"
                                                                                                -Karlye Smith '15

1-24-14  Camp Nou/Girona

Today was our last day in Spain, and we toured Camp Nou and visited the city of Girona.  Camp Nou is the soccer stadium for FC Barcelona and it is incredible.  The stadium is huge and can fit so many people in it, I couldn't imagine what it would be like during a game.  Seeing an actual FC Barcelona game at Camp Nou would probably be the most amazing experience of my life!  It would be mind blowing how different the atmosphere is in Spain compared to the U.S. ...  Seeing all the trophies and old apparel was also cool because you actually saw old jerseys and shoes.  Standing in the stands and just looking out over the field is pretty crazy, it just looks so perfect and beautiful. ... Girona is considered a small city in Spain, but compared to the U.S. it is not.  The city had really nice old churches and buildings, there is so much history in every part of Spain!  That is my favorite part about the smaller cities because they just look more historical and elegant.  Girona has a river running through it and has different styled bridges around the city.  There is one that was designed by Stephen Sauvestre who designed the Eiffel Tower so the style resembled that.  There was also one that is meant for couples to put their names or initials on a lock and put it on the bridge.

                                                                                             -Valerie Belanger '15

**Photo credit to Karlye Smith '15**

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Summing it All Up!

2013 Women's Soccer Banquet

Looking like ladies all dressed up!

The 2013 Gustavus Women's Soccer team met at Charley's Restaurant on Sunday afternoon December 15th to sum up the season, hand out awards and eat some delicious food.  A celebration of the fantastic season, the girls, parents and coaches all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

2013 Award Winners:

Teach Me How To Gustie

While this award is given to the player who represents and embodies everything that it means to be a Gustavus Women’s Soccer player: tenacious, positive, hard working, high spirited, supportive and team before self, it is ever so fitting that this award was named “Teach Me How to Gustie” last year, because you have not only taught this team “how to Gustie” over the last four years, but also probably “how to Dougie”.

You are the voice on the field, the positive words of encouragement to your teammates, the leader they all look to when things aren’t going quite right.  On top of all these pieces of your character that make you so valuable to this team, you also happen to be a darn good soccer player!  A technically strong, smart midfielder, you were a contributor in so many ways.   This coaching staff and your team recognize all you have done for the Gustavus Women’s Soccer program and your potential going forward.  Thank you Liz Underwood for teaching us all “How to Doug-I mean Gustie”.

Most Improved

You came in intense and ready to go, though a few injuries early on held you back on a few occasions.  Once you pushed through and got healthy, we all soon learned your ceiling was limitless.  You adapted, pushed yourself, and attacked each drill and task with an intensity and focus that matches your athleticism.  Fearless and tenacious, a bloody nose at one practice-just the only one Mitch wasn’t at-held you out for a few minutes, but your level never dropped when you jumped back into the drill.

You respond well with your actions to fix whatever technical piece the coaching staff corrects and you have shown through hard work your continued growth and improvement.  You fought hard and earned a starting spot in the goal for the final six games of the season, a tremendous accomplishment.  For all these reasons, the team has voted you Roisen Granlund, Most Improved.

Coaches’ Award

A hardworking defender, who battled through her share of bumps and bruises this season.  She quietly put in 110% effort at every practice, every game, even if she had been up since 4AM for her nursing rotation.  She is supportive and a leader by example.  If she was working that hard, it left her teammates no excuse but to match her effort and often attempt to surpass it.

In a game where nothing seemed to be going right and there appeared to be a lack of heart on the field from most, despite a position switch and an onslaught of offense from the opposition, she continued to fight, wore her heart on her sleeve and battled until the final whistle blew.  She didn’t let the score, her opponents, an injury or her physical fatigue effect her, she fought on.  That was the staple performance from Ana Gleason this season.  Despite whatever else was going on, you could count on her to be there and give it all, whatever the team needed, whatever was best for the team, that’s what Ana was going to do. 

For all these reasons, and many more, that’s why the coaching staff has awarded Ana Gleason with the 2013 Coaches’ Award.

Defensive MVP

A stalwart in the backline, starting every game that she ever played in as a Gustie, it is not hard to believe why her team chose her at the Defensive MVP, again.  Her speed and patience are deceiving, but you make no mistake to let your opponents know they will have to work to get by you… and often won’t succeed at the task.  If they happen to succeed, fear not Gustie teammates, she will reappear in front of her mark once again or effectively drop into position to cover in the backline and help thwart the next offensive attack.

Coach may joke that you get a nosebleed when you get into the attacking third, or that your best skill is dribbling out of bounds, but the truth is you are such a well-rounded soccer player and person in general, those little things remind us all that you’re human.

Congratulations to the reigning Defensive MVP, Estee Berg on her second consecutive victory!

Offensive Player of the Year
When you get right to the heart of it, 8 goals and 3 assists is not a bad way to start out your college career.  Nineteen points?  Not bad at all.  She’s cheeky and wily on the ball and there’s not a defender in the MIAC who can beat her in a foot race, she kicks it into a whole other gear.  She’ll rocket a left footed shot, then open her hips and place the next ball calmly in the back of the net.  Her lethal goal scoring abilities come in the range she uses to beat the defense and the goalkeepers. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s her hips do lie.  She’ll make the defender bite and then play a pass to a streaking teammate or beat the defender herself 1v1.  With her addition this season she helped the team jump 155 spots in the Bennett ranking, for all these reasons and so many more, it’s not surprising that her teammates named, Maddi Ackiss, the 2013 Offensive Player of the Year.

Top Newcomer

A versatile player, who rotated through numerous positions this season, she always went where the team needed her.  She has a rocket shot and ice in her veins when she defends.  She’s fearless out of the air and tenacious in every tackle in the back line.  She was an asset to the team no matter where she was on the field, but walk into our office during the season and you might hear a spirited debate between the coaching staff about whether she was playing midfield or defense that day.  However it didn’t matter to her, what ever was best for the team.

She took her corners and shots, with her left, then her right, and maybe her left again.  Her skills and poise on the field only compliment her goofy yet fierce personality.  She brought life to the team on and off the field, which is what made you so invaluable this season.  Congratulations Coursey Edwards for being voted Top Newcomer for 2013!


She has always been an impressive player for the Gusties, but she wrote herself in the record books this season.  She finishes her Gustie career tied for 8th on the all-time scoring list with 26 goals, 9th in career points with 62 and tied with the Offensive Player of the Year for points this season with 19.  But that’s just the numbers.  The games tell the real story, she’s unselfish and cunning on the ball.  She will set up any teammate before she takes a shot herself, (but still manages to land in the record books) but when she does, she makes sure to put it in the back of the net.  She’s all over the field, most of the time in a good way, as she went “rouge” far less this season.  She’s the catalyst for the attack and always wants the ball, as any dominant player does.   Her competitive spirit and drive are matched by none… she doesn’t like to lose… give her a competition to win and it’s game over, hands down, no longer friends she’s out to win and it makes her teammates better.  How many points did she score in Rooball? Oh the number isn’t important, just know it was over 100 more points than anyone else.

She’s a competitor and crafty, and there are a hundred more adjectives we could use to describe her… but most fitting is the title, Most Valuable Player 2013, Amanda Cartony.

Seniors with the coaches.
A couple proud Senior Rooball winners and their
Offense enjoying their spoils of Da Boss's Cup.