Friday, April 6, 2018

#WhyGustavus Series: New Research

At Gustavus you are involved in your education, interacting with professors, classmates, and administrators. You aren't just sitting in a large lecture hall where you are just a number to faculty members. Instead, at Gustavus, you are part of your own education. You are provided an opportunity to take ownership of your own education so that when you leave Gustavus you are prepared to give back to the greater community.

New, starting for our incoming class of 2022, Gustavus is providing a wonderful opportunity for students who are thinking about wanting to do some research with a faculty member and/or those who want to learn from the best of the best or for those students who just want that research experience. Gustavus is now rewarding their top achieving students with the opportunity of a collaborative summer research program with a faculty member! What could be better than that?

Gustavus Announces New Undergraduate Research Fellowship
The Arthur L. Johnson Research Fellowship will provide collaborative summer research opportunities to talented students. 

A new undergraduate award will provide hands-on research opportunities to talented and inquisitive students beginning with the incoming Class of 2022, Gustavus Adolphus College announced today.

In its first year, the Arthur L. Johnson Research Fellowship will provide 10 students with $10,000 each to be used during their time at Gustavus for a collaborative summer research experience with a faculty member. The award includes funding for the research experience and supplies, a stipend for the student, and a research stipend for the faculty adviser.

The research fellows will be selected from among the top academic applicants from the incoming class, drawn from the students who are already competing for President’s Scholarships at Gustavus. During the same interview, students will be considered for the College’s prestigious Trustee and Promise Scholarships. The fellowship will be given in addition to any other merit-based scholarships that students earn.

While all the students considered will be well-prepared for the College’s rigorous academic setting, grades and test scores are not the only factors that will be considered.

“Gustavus attracts students who are intellectually curious and highly motivated,” Director of Undergraduate Research and Professor of Classics Eric Dugdale said. “These students seek out opportunities to work closely with faculty on research that goes beyond the term paper. The Johnson Research Fellowship program allows select students to come to Gustavus knowing that the College has committed to supporting their research interests.”

The new program is the result of an anonymous $200,000 gift that will fund 10 students each for the first two years of the research fellowship program with the goal of endowing it permanently. It is named in honor of 1941 Gustavus graduate Arthur L. “Batch” Johnson, a longtime University of Minnesota sociology professor who also served on the Gustavus Board of Trustees from 1991-1994.

“At the heart of the liberal arts tradition is the pursuit of intellectual interests wherever they may lead. For faculty and students alike, research often ranges beyond disciplinary boundaries and is especially impactful for students because of the high degree of one-on-one faculty-student collaboration, including direct training and mentorship,” Dugdale said. “The Johnson Fellowship program represents an exciting expansion of the capacity for supported faculty-student collaborative research at Gustavus. It will have a transformative impact on the academic and professional preparation of the student fellows.”

To learn more about research opportunities at Gustavus, visit the College’s undergraduate research website.


Media Contact: Director of Media Relations and Internal Communication JJ Akin

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Carcassonne - The Board Game in Real Life

On our adventures abroad we did not stay in a city for more than two nights. Our 10th day in France we were staying in Nimes, but started off the day traveling to the medieval town of Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a medieval fortress that is on top of a hill located in the Aude plain. It was a cold brisk day like we were used to Minnesota, except for the fact that we had dressed for what we thought was going to be 60 degrees... Thanks Coach!

We walked along the stone walls learning that they have 52 massive towers that were once used to protect the city against invaders. After the tour we got inside as soon as possible to enjoy lunch at one of Carcassonne’s local restaurants. Some of the braver people on the trip even had the opportunity to try one of the foods France is known for, snails! "They do not taste bad they just have a weird texture" seemed to be the consensus of trying the snails. Would you have been one of the brave people to try something new?! 

      After our lunch of pizza, burgers, and snail, we were off to the city of Arles. It started to warm up on this city tour which was one of the best parts about being able to walk around. Throughout the trip we had numerous local guides who would take us through their city and show us all of the highlights. Our tour guide through Arles was one of the sassiest and funniest guides we have had throughout our trip. She knew so much about the city and made the tour different and interesting as we walked through the city of Arles. We went to  the Arles Amphitheater which was a two-tiered Roman amphitheater that was inspired by the famous Colosseum in Rome. It was now home to many different stray cats who meandered about as we wandered up the seats of the stadium. Senior Josie Mazzone, a well known dog lover, even tried to take one home but that was quickly shut down by our  "not-a-cat-person" Coach. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Expérience Magique à L'étranger

Another city, another game abroad! For our second game in France, we traveled to Toulouse where we had a city tour during the day, and a game at night. The atmosphere as we arrived to the field was just as exhilarating as the first game with people there to welcome us and bring us to our locker room. It is always fun when we get to play at night under the lights, so being able to do it in France made it that much more exciting. We walked out onto the field where we were greeted by 3 different local teams who we would be playing in a 8v8 tournament before our 11v11 games. 

Everyone from the local teams were just as gracious and welcoming as the first. In between games we would try and get to know each other through the few that knew english and exchanged stories and facts about the game we both loved. We ended up having two 8v8 teams and were able to both play two games before we continued our short careers abroad against Montauban, a League 2 team in the professional division. 

We were just as nervous to play another talented  team as we waited for the whistle to blow to start our game. From the very beginning it was a quick paced and challenging game. We were able to keep up with them throughout the game and ended up even getting a couple goals in the process! It was a great experience to play such a talented team and to be able to see how we faced up against a professional team. It was a great second game abroad and made us that much more excited for the next one!