Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gustavus Soccer Camps - REGISTRATION OPEN

For a third summer in a row, by popular demand, we will again be offering two soccer camps at Gustavus Adolphus College, and new this year, our camps will be run by IN2 Soccer.  First up this summer is our Gustie Co-Ed Youth Soccer Camp, ages 8-17, June 21-24th, followed by our high level High School Girls Soccer Camp, grades 9-12, July 6-9th.  

More information can be found at, including our camp brochures with mail in registration and online registration (note there is a non-refundable credit card fee if you pay online). You can learn about the camp philosophies below as well.

CO-ED YOUTH CAMP, June 21-24th:

Camp Philosophy: 
Our Gustie Soccer Co-Ed Youth Camp is a positive resource for soccer players of Southwestern Minnesota.  All campers will receive quality instruction, experience a positive learning environment and have fun during the week.  Each session focuses on individual skill training, in the context of team play, progressing from drills to small sided games.  We encourage players from various backgrounds and abilities to attend as we always strive to keep camp numbers smaller (Coach to Player ration is under 1:8) to allow for individual attention and coaching from our qualified staff.


Camp Philosophy: 
The Gustavus High School Girls Camp challenges high school players to take their skills to the next level through advanced player development and exposure to NCAA collegiate coaching.  We focus on the individual player, in the context of team play, emphasizing possession, speed of play, technical development and improvement of tactical understanding.

Camp Features: 
What makes the Gustavus High School Girls Soccer Camp UNIQUE is that we target high school soccer players who are preparing to take their game to the next level, both on and off the field.  Through quality position based coaching, college level sessions and evening matches utilizing different formations, participants will be prepared to succeed at the next level, whether that be C1 or Premier Club, high school varsity or college.  We also have daily presentations focused on maximizing exposure in the recruiting process, optimal performance in strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.  


What is IN2 Soccer?
New this year, Gustavus Soccer Camps will be run by IN2 Soccer.  IN2 Soccer was founded by Camp Director and Gustavus Head Women's Soccer Coach Laura Burnett-Kurie.  The mission of IN2 Soccer is to provide cost-effective, quality, age and skill appropriate, individually centered soccer instruction and programs.  With a foundation deeply rooted in the community, our philosophy is grounded in developing students of the game by creating a platform on which to develop speed, coordination, flexibility, and balance along with technical prowess, tactical awareness and mental strength.  Want to learn more about IN2 Soccer? Read about it on our camp website:


Our camp brochures with information about registration are attached to this email and more information can be found at, including online registration (note there is a non-refundable credit card fee if you pay online).  

Help us spread the word so we can continue to provide unique opportunities for youth players to develop their game and reach the next level.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Embarrassing Moments on the Pitch

Everybody out there has experienced at some point in a game something going horribly wrong that you can't help but laugh off.  Whether it's walking out to warm-ups with your shorts on backwards or falling over your own shoelaces, we've all been there, trying to play past it so we can leave these small moments where we lose all coordination and athleticism behind us.  Yet, despite our efforts to shrug it off, our biggest hope still remains that we don't see it in slow motion on our next film session for everybody to relive a few more times.  As a tribute to these non-athletic moments in everybody's lives where we forgot that we're playing a sport, we've thrown together a little list of our top 5 embarrassing moments from this past season, from our own Gusties.

Missing a wide open shot from inside of the 6 yard box.

This season, while there wasn't one time in particular that we can pinpoint as the sitter of the year, we've had numerous times where an attack has built up to a great opportunity within the six, and whether the shot is barely slotted wide of the post off a one touch, or a volley or a shot has forced a miraculous save by the keeper that leaves us all scratching our head as to how we didn't score, more than a few times we've been left this year wondering how the ball managed to avoid the net (we could list more than a half dozen players here), we're thinking it might've been an allergic reaction to the net this year, but we've all been there.  So the #5 spot on our list this year is missing that shot from within the six and just wishing you had another shot at it.

Tripping out of nowhere when the ball comes to you during the game.

It's happened to everybody at some point where the ball comes to you during a fast paced game, and whether it's a new ball that is still a little sticky and gets stuck under your foot or maybe it's just your excitement as you're already thinking a play or two ahead about the goal you're about to score.  The trip that sticks out for us this year occurred during our game against Crown College.  We were transitioning into the attack and Molly Johnston was carrying the ball up the left side of the field, she cut the ball back inside to find Hannah Sturtz making a great run across the field into a gap in the defense and as the ball arrives at Hannah's foot, the ball sticks to the ground as if the 20 yard line was made of superglue, throwing herself face first into the turf and stopping the counter attack.  Don't worry, it earned a spot for her in this year's highlight reel.

Tripping over yourself on multiple occasions during the year.

Whether is was the proverbial sniper at all games, or an invisible trip wire out on the field, there was one girl on our team this year who seemed to fall victim to this mishap almost routinely. Her name was Ellyn Adelmann.  Luckily, all the trips were all in our attacking third where she had been pressing high up the field as we like to see and was able to get up quickly to recover to her position without anything really coming of it.  However, she did manage to make a few slow motion appearances in our film analysis this year, highlighting the split second paralysis of her feet causing her to collapse to the pitch as if a spell had been cast on her by Professor Snape himself.

Finalizing a season-ending injury at the hands of your own... hands.

So early on in the season this year, sophomore Coursey Edwards was on the wrong end of a fairly aggressive tackle by an opposing player, earning not only a free kick but also a not so pleasant meeting with the ground.  This meeting with the ground tweaked her collar bone a little bit.  Getting up and realizing the discomfort, Coursey rotated her arm in a big circle, during which she heard a CRACK, and proceeded to try to reverse it by rotating her arm back the other way, ultimately finishing the job for her collar bone. As she is doing all of this (aka realizing that she is in a lot of pain and will need a substitute), nobody on the bench really understood what had just happened to her or that she had just broken her collar bone, so in the background her assistant coach was yelling for her to quickly get into position for the free kick. During this time, we already had a substitute at the line for go in for another player,  so following the kick (for which she did not get into position for), the substitute went to call off her teammate on the far side of the field, but instead Coursey looked her in the eyes and said "NO! You're coming in for ME." The player willfully obliged and Coursey calmly came off of the field heading directly to the trainer to figure out what the extent of her injury was.  

All in all, to sum up a longer story: Coursey did in fact break her collar bone on the play, but proceed to snap it in half on her own.  

Premature Celebration... (Click on the link below)
It's happened to everybody at one point or another. Maybe you've just beaten the keeper and are slotting in what you think is an easy tap in only to realize a recovering defender actually saved it off of the goal line, or maybe you've just taken a cracker of a shot and know in your head that it's going to be a goal and begin to celebrate it in your head before the ball even gets to the goal.  The determining moment in these events however, is how visible you make it to everybody that you're sure the shot is going to go in, before showing how equally disappointed you are when it somehow doesn't find the back of the net. 

 The number one spot for most embarrassing moments on the soccer field this year therefore, goes to junior Brittany Chase, for her glorious celebration during our Carleton game earlier this season before seeing the ball bounce back off of the crossbar.  In a very tight matchup early in the year, our first conference game actually, Britt had made a great run to be on a 1v1 breakaway with the Carleton goalkeeper, realizing the keeper had left her line early, Britt attempted to chip the ball over the her head.  It was a fantastic shot and even with the keeper managing to get a seemingly impossible touch on the ball, it still seemed destined to go in, which everybody on the field was all thinking at the time. Britt however, proceeded to jump up in the air and throw her hands straight up over her head, celebrating what she thought would be her first goal of the year.  Split seconds later however, she sees the ball barely reach the crossbar and bounce back into play and once again jumps into the air, but her hands were no longer standing triumphantly over her head, but instead hung down to the ground looking, for half of a second, more deflated than a sixty year old balloon, before rising back up and refocusing on the game. The team remembers the moment as vividly as if it had happened yesterday, partly because some of them still go back from time to time if they are stressed to find it on Hudl. Congratulations, Britt! :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goin' Global

Traveling the world is an amazing experience.  It broadens people's horizons, helps people move in new directions and ultimately, fundamentally transforms people by engaging them in new activities in new places with new people.  Our students are able to experience travel through our numerous study abroad opportunities for entire semesters for 3-4 weeks over January Term.  We highly encourage all of our student-athletes to study abroad in some capacity during their four years at Gustavus and this J-Term we have three abroad.  Read the pre-trip interviews below and then check back in February for their post-trip interviews! 

Coursey Edwards
Germany, France, England, and Ireland
   I am studying abroad in the month of January with a group of roughly 30 other Gustavus students. My course title is the Olympic Quest Tour. I will travel to Germany, France, England, and Ireland. Within these countries I will be going to many cities and will look at pre and post World War Olympic Sites.

Berlin, Germany
1. You are visiting many countries over the month’s span, what does your itinerary look like?
Warner Bro's Harry Potter Sight
 Very busy!!! I first start my journey in Berlin, Germany. I will see many sites while I am here, one of them relating to sports being the Olympic Stadium. Another stop for us is the Checkpoint Charlie Museum as well as one of the few bunkers remaining after the war. From Berlin I head to Wittenberg, the key town in the Reformation. After Germany I will head to France. I will be seeing many of the major sites here, the Eiffel Tower, the Arc De Triomphe, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and many more! Another fun excursion is our day trip to a vineyard located outside of Paris. I am also headed to the Stade de France (Olympic Soccer Stadium). Moving on to England, I will travel to London and see places like Westminster Abbey and the Warner Brothers Harry Potter site! 

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

Lastly, I will finish up in Dublin. I do not spend a lot of time here, so I will want to use my time well and see Trinity College which houses the Book of Kells.

 2. Of the four countries, which are you most looking forward to visiting and why?
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France 
   I am most looking forward to France. We get to spend a lot of time there and I cannot wait to explore the country. I also am excited to experience the different culture that France has, not to mention to delicious cuisine!!
3. What new food(s) are you excited to try?
 I am excited to try all of the pastries and desserts that France has to offer! Especially crepes!

Brittany Chase
Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

      1.   How did you choose South Africa?
       I chose to go to South Africa opposed to the other places available, because the focus of the trip is on global service. Our group will be volunteering for a non-profit organization called Africa Jam which helps underprivileged kids and teens by providing services for community programs, more opportunities for education, and leadership skills. We get to work with these children directly and help improve their lives which sounded so rewarding to me which is why I chose South Africa. We will also be going on a two day safari which will be very fun!
      2.  What do you believe will be the hardest part about adapting to and connecting with a completely new culture
Lion's Head Mountain
         I feel that the most difficult part about adapting to this new culture that I have never experienced before will be the food, the extreme poverty in certain areas, racial tensions, and the large time difference. It will be difficult initially but I really hope I can get out of my comfort zone to truly connect with the people I meet their and create meaningful relationships.

      3.  What are you most excited for
Robben Island
I am most excited to experience and immerse myself into new culture and meet some amazing people on the way. I am also very excited to go on a safari, going to Robben Island, climb Lion’s Head Mountain, go to several museums, and try some really unique foods! I am also excited to simply explore the city during our free time.
  I will be departing January 3rd and returning January 22nd!

Kendyl Landeck
Kendyl on a previous trip to Germany
1. Where in Germany will you be studying and what inspired you to study here?
    We will be studying in Northern Germany and then we will be traveling to Berlin and continuing onto Munich. I wanted to go on this trip because my dad’s side of the family is from Germany/Austria. This would be a great opportunity for me to travel around the country where my great great great grandfather came from. Also this trip is about debunking the stereotypes we have about Germans. As a sociology major this was very interesting to me.

2. There are more soccer fan clubs in Germany than there are anywhere else in the world, are you planning on attending any matches or exploring soccer from the Germans perspective?
   I do not plan to attend any soccer games, however I never know what my professor has up her sleeve. Depending if there are games taking place we might experience the Germans’ love of soccer through their spirit.

Munich, Germany
3. One of your goals of the trip is to learn about and debunk the stereotypes of what we, here in the U.S. and other places think about Germany –how are you planning to accomplish this?
    I plan to accomplish this by keeping an open mind to the culture there and learning about their way of life. I will experience people who may fit the stereotypes we associate with Germany, however, despite those who fit the stereotype, there are so many more Germans that don’t and I can’t wait to learn about them. I want to know what living in Germany is like and experience it to the best of my ability for the 3 weeks we are there.

We hope you can see yourself studying abroad at Gustavus as well!  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Classy Gusties

      We constantly preach being the best individuals we can be in all areas of our lives.  From the field to the classroom to walking around campus or town, we know we are representing more than just ourselves, instead we are representing our team, program, athletics department and Gustavus as an institution.  With this belief driving us, we work to display high class and sportsmanship towards our opponents, referees and fans.  It's a great honor to receive recognition for our sportsmanship with the NSCAA Silver Award for Sportsmanship and Ethics.  See the release below from our Gustavus Sports Information Department explaining this award!

Women’s Soccer Earns NSCAA Silver Award For Sportsmanship And Ethics

Posted on December 25th, 2014 by 

KANSAS CITY – The Gustavus Adolphus women’s soccer team was recently recognized by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America for its outstanding sportsmanship and demonstration of strong ethics this past season. For the third consecutive season, the Gusties were awarded the Silver Award, which requires a team to have no red cards and no more than five yellow cards accumulated during the season.
125 total teams receiving either the Gold, Silver or Bronze Award. Gustavus was one of only three schools to represent the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletics Conference in the Sportsmanship and Ethics Awards, with Bethel University and St. Olaf College being the others.

Courtesy of Gustavus Athletics. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Brittany Chase earns All-MIAC Honorable Mention, Valerie Belanger on All-MIAC Sportsmanship Team

Recently, our own Brittany Chase earned the All-MIAC Honorable Mention honors following the end of the 2014 season.  A very well deserved honor for Brittany, as she is truly a threat to be dealt with anywhere on the field.  She is the backbone of our attack, constantly showing her competitiveness and desire to succeed through her noticeable work rate every minute she's on the field.

She is the spark that gets everybody around her working that little bit harder, making repeated attacking runs up the field, while never ceasing to put on constant and relentless pressure to opposing back lines and center midfielders. Her competitive nature and drive to win combined with her skill and ability on the ball allows her to making plays all over the field, whether it's holding the ball under pressure in order to make a calm composed pass, or making a hard run up the field to open space for a teammate to attack into. She puts the needs of the team above her own, and it shows through her play.  As an upperclassman leader on the team this year, Brittany never hesitated to step into any role we needed her, as she saw time at striker, central attacking midfielder, and even outside defender for parts of the year.  Being a junior, we continue to be incredibly pleased with the improvements she continues to show and we are excited to see what she can accomplish during the offseason.  We are confident she will bring her strong leadership and soccer skills back with her next fall to continue her already very impressive career here at Gustavus.

Selected as a representative on the All-MIAC sportsmanship team is senior Valerie Belanger.  The All-MIAC Sportsmanship team is part of a conference wide sportsmanship initiative that the MIAC kicked off in the 2006-07 seasons.  One member from each sport from each MIAC school is selected to the All-MIAC Sportsmanship team.  These representatives are selected by their coaches and teammates as individuals who habitually display ideals of positive sportsmanship both on and off the field of competition, which Valerie does on a daily basis here at Gustavus.

Val is the motivational rock on this team as a senior leader, constantly pushing everybody around her and doing so with a smile on her face.  This is Val's second consecutive year to receive the honor of representing Gustavus on the All-MIAC sportsmanship team and we couldn't think of anyone more suited for the honor.  She embraces her leadership role on the team and is constantly working to continue improving as well as being ready to take on whatever role asked of her by performs it to the maximum.  Her positive presence and hard work allows everything around her to begin to flow and spark optimism and motivation into everyone else on the team. We're very proud to have Val representing our Gustie Soccer team on this year's All-MIAC Sportsmanship team.

Brittany Chase Earns Women’s Soccer All-MIAC Honorable Mention Honors
Posted on November 14th, 2014 by Nick Hoelmer

Bloomington, Minn. – Gustavus women’s soccer junior Brittany Chase (Victoria, Minn.) was named to the MIAC Women’s Soccer All-Conference Honorable Mention team on Wednesday. It is the third straight season that the Gusties have had a player named to the honorable mention squad after landing two last season and three in 2012.

“Brittany is one of our best all around players on the team,” said head coach Laura Burnett-Kurie. “Her skill combined with work rate and leadership certainly makes her deserving of this honor and we are proud she received this recognition. Over the past three years in the program, Britt has adapted to her new position of forward with the utmost enthusiasm and energy and has embraced her role on the team strongly and has become our most consistent forward.”

Chase has indeed been a model of consistency for the Gusties, having started in 34 of a possible 35 games the past two seasons and playing in all 17 games her first year. In three years, Chase has racked up totals of six goals and two assists to combine for 14 points.

“Britt is really a multidimensional player that does so many great things that help our team,” said Burnett-Kurie. “She has the uncanny ability to play with her back to the goal, which is rare in the women’s game, she has the speed and competitiveness to get behind oppositions’ backlines and her recognition of when to play quickly compared to when to hold onto the ball is also notable.”

As part of a conference-wide sportsmanship initiative, the MIAC announced the ninth-annual All-MIAC Sportsmanship team for women’s soccer. Members of the All-MIAC Sportsmanship team are selected by their coaches and teammates as individuals who demonstrate ideals of positive sportsmanship both on and off the field of competition. For the second straight season, Gustavus’s representative on the All-MIAC Sportsmanship team was senior forward Valerie Belanger.

Courtesy of Gustavus Athletics