Thursday, May 14, 2015

Keeping their Crown


On Saturday, May 9th, 2015, our 1st Annual 8v8 Alumnae Tournament was held on the practice fields at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN.  For the past two seasons, we have held a very successful 11v11 alumnae game, but with our alumnae support increasing every year we needed to expand.  Alas, the 8v8 tournament format with 4 teams, 2 current player teams and 2 alumnae teams, starting with group stage games building to a championship match came into existence.

Group Show of our Current Players and Alums


They came back.  They played.  And they Conquered.  For a third year in a row, the alumnae have shown their experience, soccer IQ and intense will to win by coming out on top in our Annual Alumnae Event.  But, wow, this year the competition was tougher than usual as it was a hard road to even make it out of the group stage into the championship game. Across the board every team was rising to the occasion and showing that a lot of pride was riding on each game.  Here are some statistics to help you get a feel for how close the games really were: Five out of the seven games played, including the championship, were decided by one goal.  Four game winning goals were scored in the final 6 minutes of the game, including the lone championship goal scored with less than four minutes left to play in regulation.  Despite the competition, only one team was going to come away with the championship glory and this year, going against the run of play, the Has-Been's rose to the occasion to win the basket of goodies.

The Has-Been's celebrating their Championship Glory with the basket of goodies


=Now that you have a general idea of how the 8v8 Alumnae Tournament went, let's introduce you to the four amazing teams we had participating, including their statistics and playing highlights from the day, as well as a quote from one of the team members.

Rusty Gusties

Back Row L-R: Laurel Jordan '88, Mary Frey '87, Wendy Bachman '87, Kristen Konkol, Beau Bachman '14, Nicky Odermatt '89.  Front Row L-R: Joni Keelin Bush '88, Tim Kennedy '82 (Coach '86-9), Chris Moelter, Nicole Ektnitphong '15

Overall Record: 0-3-0, Group Stage Knockout 
Goals For/Goals Against: 3/9 
Highlights: After a slower, but still fantastic, start against the Potentially's, the Rusty Gusties lost two heartbreakers by one goal against the Has-Been's and Almost Are's.  They showed they still got it and proved to the younger Gusties why they won the conference tournament back in 1984.  
Quote from Hall of Famer Wendy Bachman: "The Rusty Gusties really tried to live up to their name, but it just couldn't be done! This team of 40-somethings and friends were nothing short of stellar. :-)  Our goal for next year is to continue to run circles around the youngsters....but withOUT falling down!"

Back Row L-R: Jess Richert '13, Abbey Maus '11, Maggie Lane '13, Estee Berg '14, Karen Stenoien '11, Liz Underwood '14
Front Row L-R: Nikki Carlson '13, Emily Papagapitos '14, Ana Gleason '14, Amanda Cartony '14

Overall Record: 3-1-0. Advance to Championship Game winning 1-0
Goals For/Goals Against: 5/4
Highlights: The Has-Been's used a late game come back against the Almost Are's to get their first win of the day, before falling to the Potentially's.  They rebounded quickly to pull off a big win against the Rusty Gusties helping them advance to the Championship game from the group stage.  Despite the constant pressure by the Potentially's, the Has-Been's defensive star Estee Berg '14 put away the eventual game winner with less than 4 minutes left on the clock.  
Quote from Emily Papagapitos: "It was a huge honor playing in the alumnae tournament.  We trained for weeks rain or shine and for a lot of us this was the biggest accomplishment of our lives.  It wasn't always pretty but we got it done.  To give credit where it's due, the current players played better than us.  We just had that competitive "we will die if we lose" attitude.  The training has started for next year already." 

Back Row L-R: Caroline Olson '15, Benton Frayne, Maddison Ackiss '17, Josie Mazzone '18
Front Row L-R: Molly Johnston '18, Courtney Bianchi-Rossi '18, Sophie Leininger '18, Hannah Sturtz '18 

Overall Record:  3-1-0, Undefeated in the group stage, Advanced to Championship game losing 1-0
Goals For/Goals Against: 8/2
Highlights: The Potentially's showed their potential as they cruised to an undefeated group stage where they only surrendered one goal, including blanking the Has-Been's 2-0 in their first meeting.  In the Championship game, the Potentially's controlled possession and held territorial advantage, however ultimately fell in the final
Quote from First Year Sophie Leininger (with the last line off-record): "We played hard and we only gave up 2 goals the entire tournament, unfortunately, one of them was when it mattered most.  But if we are being honest we couldn't beat the Has-Been's twice in one day... no one can be that mean to the elderly."

Almost Are's: 
L-R: Brittany Chase '16, Jana Elliott '17, Karlye Smith '15, Moni Pelkey '17, Emily Odermatt '18, Coursey Edwards '17, Riley Viner '17, Laura Johnson '18 

Overall Record: 1-2-0
Goals For/Goals Against: 5/6
Highlights: Every game for the Almost Are's came down to one goal, and unfortunately for them, despite the effort, they were on the wrong end of two of those goals.  Their group stage experience started with a big go-ahead goal against the Has-Been's however they were unable to handle their push in the waning minutes.  After a back-and-forth battle with the Rusty Gusties (in which they won), the Almost Are's ruined the Potentially's chance of a third goose egg in a row by scoring a well-worked goal.
Quote from Junior Brittany Chase: "We had a great turnout for the Alumnae Tournament and had a lot of competition which was fun.  The Almost Are's started out a bit slow against a surprisingly fit and agile Has-Been team.  They got the first goal, but we were able to come back and tie it up and with only 30 seconds left they snuck one in on us.  Overall, all the game were super fun but also competitive.  It was a great experience playing against alumnae from the 80's all the way up to graduating last year!"

Support Crew: 
L-R: Ellyn Adelman '18, Emily Hilk '18, Rachel Speiring '18, Roisen Granlund '17, Kendyl Landeck '17 

The Support Crew were studs on Saturday helping referee, ball shag and supervise the fields, but mostly they were able to make predictions for each match up and watch the games unfold.
Quote from First Year Ellyn Adelmann: "One second we'd be cheering on the current players battling against the very evenly matched recnet alumnae and on the next field over we would be rooting for the Rusty Gusties including parents of current players and former coaches.  Watching these legends who haven't touched a ball for years or decades was the cherry on top of a perfect day of soccer."


Post-8v8 Tournament, the current players and alums all headed to The Hollingsworth Stadium to enjoy some Erbs & Gerbs while watching the Gustavus Men's Soccer Alumni Game.  Following the men's game, all alums (older and younger) headed down to Patty's Grill in town to continue sharing stories and building the strength of the Gustie Family.


Overall, it was a fantastic day with a phenomenal group of individuals.  We are so proud to be part of the Gustie Family and are confident it will continue to grow with time.  We want to thank all those who who participated, shared stories and showcased their skills on the field for their continued support.  We hope everyone in attendance this year will come back next year, as well as those who were unable to attend!

1st Game: 
2 Has Been's vs. Almost Are's 1
4 Potentially's vs. Rusty Gusties 0

2nd Game: 
3 Almost Are's vs. Rusty Gusties 2
2 Potentially's vs. Has-Been's 0

3rd Game: 
2 Potentially's vs. Almost Are's 1
2 Has-Been's vs. Rusty Gusties 1

1 Has-Been's vs. Potentially's 0 


Laura and Ang our Senior Athletic Trainer

The class of 2014 (minus one)

Amanda Cartony '14 showing off her athleticism

Current players dynamicizing 

Two Seniors (in between current players and alums)

Determining their game plan 

Sophomore's Jana Elliott and Maddison Ackiss

Same two showing off their water girl skills

The Three Musketeers: First Years Hannah Sturtz, Josie Mazzone and Sophie Leininger
Current players playing the "catch the cones" game

Alums Mary Frey '84 and Wendy Bachman '87

Listening to the tournament logistics

Waiting for the team announcements! 

Waiting for the team announcements!

Pre-Game Introductions -- joining the old and the new

Pre-Game Introductions

Head Athletic Trainer Troy and his son Noah! 

Noah showing off his soccer skills! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sneak Preview: Spring Break

Panama City.  Cancun.  Cabo San Lucas.  Bahamas. Miami.  Las Vegas.  These are typically the first spring break locations that pop into college students heads.  What about Raleigh, NC? Did anyone think of Raleigh? 

Raleigh, North Carolina is not typically on anyones top five most popular spring break trip locations.  And yet, we have five women's soccer players and our senior athletic training student heading there for spring break, March 28th-April 6th, 2015.  

Why, you ask?  They plan to help build affordable houses with the Habitat for Humanity Organization.  

Here's the short:  First Years Sophie Leininger, Hannah Sturtz, and Josie Mazzone, Sophomores Jana Elliott and Kendyl Landeck, along with Senior ATR student Angela Gewerth, will head to Raleigh, NC to build affordable housing, become immersed in a new community, think critically about the challenging experiences they encounter, and have meaningful discussions regarding issues of poverty across the country.  This Spring break trip is part of the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge. 

What's the Habit for Humanity Collegiate Challenge? The Collegiate Challenge is one of Gustavus Habitat for Humanity's biggest successes each year by getting volunteers to spend their time in meaningful and rewarding ways while raising awareness on housing issues across the nation.  The Collegiate Challenge is almost a tradition for our women's soccer program, as back in 2012, Liz Underwood '14, Emily Papagapitos '14 and Lizzy Kroker '14, went to Pensacola, FL where they performed various home construction tasks such as roofing, painting, framing and putting up sheetrock. 
2012 Collegiate Challenge in Pensacola, FL with 3 Gustie Soccer Alums

Gustavus Habitat for Humanity: The purpose of Gustavus Habitat for Humanity is to work with both local and outside chapters, as well as within our own chapter, in an effort to build affordable housing for families in need.  Habitat for Humanity strives to meet the needs through building, fundraising, advocacy, educating and organizing consistent with their values of community, compassion, service, faith and teamwork.  Every spring break, Gustavus sends over 75 students to Habitat for Humanity affiliate sites to participate in the Collegiate Challenge, an alternative spring break program.

For more information about the Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge, check out this video:

Don't worry!  We will have a follow up post (with pictures, quotes and more) about their experience in Raleigh, NC, so make sure to check back in April.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Our New Face: Benton Frayne

We are excited to announce the hiring of Benton Frayne as our new Assistant Women's Soccer Coach here at Gustavus Adolphus College.  Benton will enter his first season this Fall 2015, however he will start working with the program immediately.  Later in the Spring we will have a Coffee Shop Interview with Benton so you can get to know him further, but for now here's a little about how he became our assistant coach!

Assistant Coach Benton Frayne
For the last two years, Benton has worked with the Bethany Lutheran College women's soccer program, adding experience as the men's assistant this past fall.   In 2014, Benton helped the women's team place third in the conference and qualify for the conference tournament for only the third time in school history.  On the men's side, he helped the program place fifth, narrowly missing out on the post-season tournament.  Benton was involved in all the aspects of running two successful NCAA Division III program, including recruiting, assisting with team practices and running goalkeeper sessions.  During this time, he also coached several club teams within Mankato United Soccer Club and earned a Master's Degree in Sport Management from Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Benton collected an impressive coaching resume prior to working at Bethany Lutheran with his involvement at the college, high school and club levels.  In 2012, he helped guide the girls high school team at Mankato East to the top seed in the section playoffs as well as being ranked at the state level.  From 2010 to 2011, Benton worked with the varsity and junior varsity girls teams at Albert Lea High School, helping them also earn the top seed in the section playoffs.  Prior to his career at the high school level, as the assistant women's soccer coach at Grinnell College in 2009, Benton helped lead the pioneers to a 7-10-1 record.  

A native of Albert Lea, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Recreation and Tourism with a Coaching Minor at Winona State University in the spring of 2009.  Additionally, Benton holds his NSCAA National Diploma, USSF E License, and was a 2013 MYSA Oaths Award Winner.

Benton will be a tremendous addition to our Gustavus Women's Soccer Program and we are excited to get to know him further as well as see his impact on the continued development of our program. We hope you feel the same, so, if you're a recruit, keep your eye out for emails from him!  


Thursday, March 12, 2015

Welcome Home!

The Gustie Women are back from abroad! 

For those of you who read our earlier blog post (you didn't, here is the link) about our player's excitement to travel abroad over the month of January, they have returned!!! Not only have they returned, but returned with many once in a lifetime memories and new friendships.  Studying abroad is deeply rooted in the Gustavus College experience, and we encourage all of our players to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity.  So, now, let's get to the good stuff, aka the post-study abroad follow up interviews:

Coursey Edwards

Where: Germany, France, England, Ireland
Tottenham vs. Leicester City 

What was your favorite place you visited or the favorite part of your trip?
My favorite place I visited was London.  I went to an FA Cup game and watched the Tottenham

Hotspurs play Leicester City.  We had front row seats behind one of the goals!  Can't beat those seats!  That was an incredible experience and one I will remember forever.

Out of all the incredible food and drinks each country has to offer, what was the best and why?
I really enjoyed the typical German food.  My favorite food was the sausage and sauerkraut. I grew up eating this meal, so it comforted me while I was overseas.
Coursey at the Notre Dame

What was the greatest cultural experience you encountered? 
I think my greatest cultural experience was when I was in Paris and I could not communicate with the French because of the language barrier.  I attended Mass at Notre Dame and found that to be an eye opening experience because of the barrier and also because it was Notre Dame, so how could it not be?

A message to future Gusties: 
Studying abroad is definitely worth the time and money because you come back a changed person for the better.  You get to embrace the culture you are in and experience things you otherwise couldn't in the states.  It is truly an unforgettable time.

Kendyl Landeck
Where: Germany

Rothenburg ob der Tauber
What was your favorite place you visited or your favorite part of your trip? 
This question is so hard because all of it was my favorite.  If I had to choose a favorite small town, it would have to be Rothenburg ob der Tauber.  This is a small medieval town that still has the original wall surrounding it from back in the 13th century.

Out of all the incredible food and drinks the country has to offer, what was the best and why? 
All the food was delicious, however there was one desert that I was served constantly, because of my lactose sensitivity, that I grew to love.  It's called Rote Grutze, which is a read fruit jam.  At first it feels like you are just eating a bowl of jam, but by the end of the trip I looked forward to eating it after dinner.  My favorite drink was probably Apfelschorle, which is made with carbonated mineral water and apple juice.  It's just like a sparkling cider. So delicious!!

What was the greatest cultural experience you encountered? 
Kendyl with Host Family
The greatest cultural experience was in Northern Germany, where we stayed with host families.  Staying with a host family allowed me to learn more about the differences within the German culture and also experience traditional homemade food.

A message to future Gusties: 
Studying abroad allows you to meet amazing people in the country you are traveling to, but especially during J-Term, you also meet amazing Gusties.  I was able to make 15 new friends that I had never known at Gustavus before.  The time you spend together allows you to grow close and the bond you create, specifically in a different environment, holds you together for a long time.


Where: South Africa

Post-Interview still to come... keep checking back!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Recruiting Schedule through July 2015

   Spring and Summer are the time for recruiting and, let us tell you, we are so excited to see you play!  Every weekend of recruiting means an opportunity to find Future Gusties.  It also means we can continue to build our relationship, evaluate your play and provide you with feedback as to where we see you fitting into our program.

   Peruse the list of tournaments, showcases and cups we plan to attend over the next 5+ months; if your team will be attending any of them, please send us an email (Coach Burnett-Kurie, with your schedule! Make sure to include in the email your Name, Graduation Year, Team, Game Schedule, Jersey Number and Position.  Bonus information would be your mailing address, contact number and the home and away colors of your team uniforms!

March 2015

March 20-22nd: Players Showcase in Las Vegas, NV 

April 2015 

April 27-31st: MN State Cup (Play-in Games) in North Mankato, MN; U16-U18

May 2015

May 2-3rd: MN State Cup in North Mankato, MN
May 9th: MN State Cup in North Mankato, MN 
May 16-17th: MN State Cup in North Mankato, MN 
May 23-24th: NSC Cup in Blaine, MN 

June 2015

June 19-21st: Academy Open hosted by Sporting St. Croix in Lakeland, MN 
                       MTA Academy College Showcase in Rosemount, MN 
June 26-27th: Prairie Cup in Eden Prairie, MN 
                       MTA Invitational in Richfield, MN 
June 24-27th: Midwest Elite Soccer Camp at Hamline University
June 28-July 1st: Midwest Elite Soccer Camp at Hamline University

July 2015

July 6-9th: Gustavus High School Girls Soccer Camp (GREAT RECRUITING OPPORTUNITY!!) 
July 10-12th: USA Cup Weekend in Blaine, MN 
July 14-18th: Schwans Cup Week in Blaine, MN 

If you are attending a showcase that is not listed above, send us an email to let us know and we will do our very best to get out and see you play!  

Tournament/Showcase Schedules can be sent to: Coach Burnett-Kurie; 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Gustavus Soccer Camps - REGISTRATION OPEN

For a third summer in a row, by popular demand, we will again be offering two soccer camps at Gustavus Adolphus College, and new this year, our camps will be run by IN2 Soccer.  First up this summer is our Gustie Co-Ed Youth Soccer Camp, ages 8-17, June 21-24th, followed by our high level High School Girls Soccer Camp, grades 9-12, July 6-9th.  

More information can be found at, including our camp brochures with mail in registration and online registration (note there is a non-refundable credit card fee if you pay online). You can learn about the camp philosophies below as well.

CO-ED YOUTH CAMP, June 21-24th:

Camp Philosophy: 
Our Gustie Soccer Co-Ed Youth Camp is a positive resource for soccer players of Southwestern Minnesota.  All campers will receive quality instruction, experience a positive learning environment and have fun during the week.  Each session focuses on individual skill training, in the context of team play, progressing from drills to small sided games.  We encourage players from various backgrounds and abilities to attend as we always strive to keep camp numbers smaller (Coach to Player ration is under 1:8) to allow for individual attention and coaching from our qualified staff.


Camp Philosophy: 
The Gustavus High School Girls Camp challenges high school players to take their skills to the next level through advanced player development and exposure to NCAA collegiate coaching.  We focus on the individual player, in the context of team play, emphasizing possession, speed of play, technical development and improvement of tactical understanding.

Camp Features: 
What makes the Gustavus High School Girls Soccer Camp UNIQUE is that we target high school soccer players who are preparing to take their game to the next level, both on and off the field.  Through quality position based coaching, college level sessions and evening matches utilizing different formations, participants will be prepared to succeed at the next level, whether that be C1 or Premier Club, high school varsity or college.  We also have daily presentations focused on maximizing exposure in the recruiting process, optimal performance in strength and conditioning, and injury prevention.  


What is IN2 Soccer?
New this year, Gustavus Soccer Camps will be run by IN2 Soccer.  IN2 Soccer was founded by Camp Director and Gustavus Head Women's Soccer Coach Laura Burnett-Kurie.  The mission of IN2 Soccer is to provide cost-effective, quality, age and skill appropriate, individually centered soccer instruction and programs.  With a foundation deeply rooted in the community, our philosophy is grounded in developing students of the game by creating a platform on which to develop speed, coordination, flexibility, and balance along with technical prowess, tactical awareness and mental strength.  Want to learn more about IN2 Soccer? Read about it on our camp website:


Our camp brochures with information about registration are attached to this email and more information can be found at, including online registration (note there is a non-refundable credit card fee if you pay online).  

Help us spread the word so we can continue to provide unique opportunities for youth players to develop their game and reach the next level.